M.E.E.T. the Mustangs

One of the great adventures we offer throughout the year is the opportunity to empower yourself and become the creative leader of your own life. We suggest you join with us and see the American wild horses. Mustangs are survivors, yet they are peaceful, loving animals.

Wild horses are the “land dolphins” of healing the heart, spirit, and body. A Windhorse Mustang will guide you into a space of unconditional love, insight and renewed vision. As you create a willing relationship with your Windhorse partner, inner wounds will heal and a new perspective and wholeness will emerge.

Look for exciting stories, images and information about our guests with their adventures with Windhorse Relations in this blog spot.

To know more about what we have to offer with Windhorse Relations please visit us on-line Green Valley Spa & Resort.


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Green Valley’s Classic Hoisin Tuna Recipe


Seared Hoisin Tuna w/ Sesame Seeds

Makes 4 Servings at approximately 198 calories per serving.

1   cup Hoisin Sauce

¼   cup Soy Sauce, light

2   cloves Garlic

1   tsp. Dijon Mustard

4   4 oz. servings Ahi Tuna (Yellow Fin)

¼   tsp. Fennel Seeds

¼   tsp. Mustard Seeds

¼   tsp. Coriander Seeds

¼   tsp. Black Peppercorns

4   tbsp. Sesame Seeds

1   tbsp. Black Sesame Seeds

  1. Blend Hoisin sauce, soy sauce, garlic and mustard well in a blender.
  2. Add marinade and tuna to a zip lock bag.  Place in the refrigerator for 4 hours or overnight (turn several times).
  3. Toast fennel seeds, mustard seeds, coriander seeds, and black peppercorns over a hot burner, stirring frequently until fragrant.  Grind in a spice grinder.
  4. Add sesame seeds and black sesame seeds to spice mixture.
  5. Dip each side of the marinated tuna into the seed/spice mixture.
  6. Spray pan with pan spray or olive oil and sear tuna over medium heat until medium rare.

Serve on plate and ENJOY!

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Counting Down to the Boston Marathon!

Only 52 days until Green Valley’s Godmother of Fitness runs the Boston Marathon!  Marium has begun high-performance training with her two sons and is right on track.  April 15th is fast approaching and we can’t wait!  Go Marium!

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Sex, Gender, Class & Religion in Downton Abbey with Author Peter Robinson this Saturday, February 23rd at the Green Valley Spa

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Join Peter Robinson in his Travel Writing Workshop this Thursday, February 21st at the Green Valley Spa

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Winter Solstice Celebration 2012

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Healthy in the Holidays

 By Jennifer Tholen, Fitness Program Coordinator

With the Holidays fast approaching, we all look forward to family, friends, fun and FOOD!!  We all encounter amazing treats and meals during the Holiday season; we live in a culture where much of our celebrating and socializing is based around eating.  So how can we enjoy the Holiday season without paying for it for months after?  A few simple tips may help reduce your calories at each gathering.  The trick, really, is small choices.  Remember, every calorie counts!

First of all, if you don’t love it, don’t eat it!  Save yourself the calories!

Secondly, avoid little handfuls of munchies!  Steer clear of the nut, chocolate, and chip bowls where you just stand around snacking.  You are far better off putting food on a plate, that way you can understand how much and what you are eating.

Third, if you are going to drink alcohol, remember that each drink can add up to ALOT of calories.  Do some research beforehand to check which drinks have fewer calories before you go to your holiday parties.

Lastly, WATER!  Consume water before your meals and consume water throughout the party.  Drinking water will help curb cravings, help you feel fuller and sometimes just holding a cup of water will inhibit you from consuming other calorie dense items.

Best of luck to all of us this holiday season (may we still fit in our favorite jeans)!   Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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The Shiatsu-Acutonic Treatment–Only at Green Valley Spa

Great things can happen when you combine two wonderful, yet distinct items. This is exactly what happened with Debra Fordham and her creation of the Shiatsu – Acutonic treatment that won the coveted “Favorite Spa Treatment” in last years SpaFinder Readers’ Choice Awards. Combining these two treatments has proven to be extremely effective in increasing the healing effects of shiatsu, and has made the Shiatsu – Acutonic treatment one of our most popular spa services.

This acupressure massage applies firm, but not acute, pressure to specific points in the body to stimulate and unblock “meridians” (the pathways through which life energy flows). It also includes the use of vibrational tuning forks to enhance stimulation to specific points, reducing the effects of stress hormones.

To view this treatment, as well as others, watch our Green Valley Spa Treatment Center video.

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Isabel Suppe–A True Inspiration

Courage and Willpower, Isabel Suppe has both. Come out and hear Isabel’s remarkable story of crawling over ice for two days to save herself and partner — in sub-zero temperatures — and how courage and willpower saved her life.

On Sunday, November 4 at 5pm and Monday, November 5 at 7pm Green Valley Spa & Resort will host Isabel Suppe for a motivational presentation/lecture. Isabel will share her remarkable story of survival and overcoming adversity. In July 2010, Isabel was climbing an ice-face in the Bolivian Andes with Peter Wiesenekker. But then Peter slipped, causing both climbers to fall 1100 ft to the bottom of the face. Both of them miraculously survived the fall but were severely injured. However, at 16000 ft above sea level in an inaccessible mountain with extremely low temperatures and no means of communication, a broken foot with an important loss of blood is equivalent to a death sentence. Seeing that Peter was in no conditions to go and seek help, Isabel understood that their only chance to live lay in her trying to cross the glacier dragging herself over the ice so as to send SOS light signals to base camp. She decided to make her bet on life and spent two days dragging herself over the glacier.


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Hiking Spotlight: Padre Canyon

Padre Canyon is one of Green Valley’s most popular hikes because of it’s variety of terrain and majestic views of Snow Canyon State Park.  It has everything from steep climbs to sand dunes to ponds that might even require some wading, depending on the time of year.  There is no shortage of obstacles throughout this trek, which makes it one of our favorites!

Padre Canyon. Pictures by Anna Cranmer.

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